White House said “Burkina Faso to be excluded from U.S.-Africa trade deal”

During a White House announcement Wednesday (November 2), the US announced that Burkina Faso would be excluded from a U.S.-Africa trade deal.

As a result of the two military coups that have occurred in the country since early 2022, the White House justified its decision.

The U.S. President said in a letter to the U.S. Congress that “I have made this decision because I have determined that Burkina Faso has failed to establish, or made no progress toward establishing, respect for the rule of law and political pluralism,” essential elements of the African Growth Opportunities Act (Agoa).

According to the letter, the West African country will be excluded on January 1 next year.

According to U.S. Trade Ambassador Katherine Tai, Burkina Faso needs to make the necessary decisions in order to comply with the agreement.

Tai said, “I will provide Burkina Faso with a clear roadmap to reintegrate into the program, and our administration will work with them to achieve that.”

In order to support economic development in Africa, Agoa facilitates African exports to the United States. The organization was established in 2000 with a list of beneficiary countries that is refreshed annually.

In exchange for human rights, good governance, or worker protection, thousands of African products can benefit from reduced import taxes.

Earlier this year, the United States excluded Ethiopia, Mali, and Guinea from the program, also claiming the actions of these three governments violated its principles.

Two military coups have rocked Burkina Faso since the beginning of the year due to increasing jihadist attacks since 2015 that have killed thousands and forced two million to flee their homes.

Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba led soldiers to overthrow President Roch Marc Christian Kaboré, who was accused of being lax during attacks, before Captain Ibrahim Traoré deposed him on September 30.

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