Taylor Swift’s 10th Album Midnights Released Now

Taylor Swift’s 10th Album Midnights:- The new album from Taylor Swift is out now. An album called ‘Midnights’ was announced in August this year and released now with 13 tracks based on the artist’s many sleepless nights over the years. There are also seven new bonus tracks on the album.

A few of the tracks on the new album include Lavender Haze, Maroon, Anti-Hero, Snow On The Beach (feat. Lana Del Rey), You’re On Your Own, Kid, Midnight Rain, Question…?, Vigilante Shit, Bejeweled, Labyrinth, Karma, Sweet Nothing, and Mastermind.

Where to Listen to Taylor Swift’s 10th Album Midnights?

Taylor Swift fans will have a lot of options when it comes to listening to the Nem album. You can stream the album on Spotify and YouTube Music in India for free, although you’ll need a subscription to listen ad-free or to use any premium features. There is also an Apple Music version of the album that includes new bonus tracks for Apple users. 

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