What Is On-Page SEO? Techniques Of On-Page SEO 2022 – Complete Guide

On-Page SEO: According to Google algorithms, if you want to rank at the top on Google, you need to do your website on-page SEO. What is on-page SEO? and the techniques? All this information is given in this blog. 

What Is On-Page SEO?

On-Page SEO is the type of White Hat SEO. On-Page SEO works to get more organic traffic to your website. When you write an article on your website, first of all, you have to take care of On-Page SEO. On-Page SEO helps in bringing your blog written by you to Google’s top ranking. There are too many techniques in On-Page SEO like Keyword placement, H1 To H6 headings, Content Marketing, and more.

On-Page SEO Techniques

This SEO works up to 75% of your website’s blog ranking. If you also want to bring your blog to the top ranking on Google, then complete your blog keeping in mind the techniques given below.
  • Write Plugrisim Free Content
  • Improve Keyword Placement
  • Use At List Two Images with Alt Tags
  • Do Interlink your related articles/ Add outbound links
  • Improve your website loading time
  • Use a clean and SEO-optimized permalink structure
  • Optimize your site’s meta tags and title tags

Write Plugrisim Free Content

If you want to rank on Google then you need to write your blog with 100% plugrisim free and detailed content. You need to write your blog without copy paste and also write long content. If you follow the Google terms then you can easily get a ranking on Google.

Use H1 To H6 Headings

If you want to rank on search engines then you need to write your blog with a proper heading like a best-friendly blog defines heading with an H1 to H6 pattern. 

Improve Keyword Placement

When you write a blog on your website, you need to focus on Keyword Placement. It means you can use your focus keyword at least 6 to 8 times in your blog. If you do keyword stuffing then your article will go to a black-listed article and you didn’t rank on google. So place your main or targeted keywords in the right place.

Use At Least Two Images With Alt Text

In this SEO Images are the most important factor of a blog. When you write a blog on your website you need to place more than two images in your blog. Put your images with image alt text. According to the Google algorithm, Google crawlers only read your image alt text. 

Do Interlinking & External/Outbound Linking

Interlinks are also an important part of On-Page SEO. If you write a blog and also have any related article then you need to interlink in the blog. With interlinking, you can increase your website stay time and also get a better chance to rank on Google. Outbound/External linking is also the best way to increase your website ranking. 

Website Loading Time

If your website loading time is more than 5 seconds then you can lose your top ranking on Google. So website loading time is most important for a website ranking. 

Use A Short Permalink

Permalink is also an important factor in your ranking because when you write a blog, you need to define it as a short permalink. Use at least 75 character permalink for a better ranking on Google.

Use Meta Tags/Description

Use SEO plugins to make your blog meta tags and meta title with meta descriptions. Rank Math is the best option for an SEO plugin.

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