MS Dhoni moves criminal contempt plea in Madras HC against IPS Sampath Kumar

MS Dhoni has filed a criminal contempt of court petition against IPS officer G Sampath Kumar for remarks he made against the Supreme Court and the Madras high court in a pleading.

Sampath Kumar submitted the additional statement in MS Dhoni’s civil suit seeking Rs 100 crore in damages from the officer and Zee Media Corporation for making match-fixing allegations.

On Friday, a division bench headed by Justice P N Prakash heard the plea after Tamil Nadu’s advocate general R Shunmugasundaram consented to move the criminal contempt suit as per the procedure.

However, the plea was not taken up for hearing until the end of the day, and it is likely to be heard on Tuesday.

MS Dhoni alleged that Sampath Kumar made scandalous and contumacious statements about the apex court and the high court in an additional written statement dated December 17, 2021.

MS Dhoni highlighted such statements in the IPS officer’s pleading. In his testimony, he explained that the Supreme Court deviated from its rule of law by shelving the deposition of the Justice Mudgal Committee (constituted to investigate match-fixing allegations in 2013) and keeping it in a sealed envelope for reasons he couldn’t understand.

Further, he said the Supreme Court’s decision not to provide Priyandarshini with a sealed cover for investigation was biased.

Besides maligning, disrespecting, and scandalizing the Madras high court, the officer also made false allegations against designated senior counsels, including the office of the advocate general of Tamil Nadu.

Sampath Kumar should be punished for criminal contempt of court, so MS Dhoni wanted the court to allow his petition and grant his petition.

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