Judge Elena Kagan halts Kelli Ward’s Revocation Of Her Call Logs

Judge Elena Kagan:- A temporary halt was placed on Kelli Ward’s phone records turned over to the January 6 committee by Elena Kagan. In Arizona, the Wards served as fictitious electors for ex-US President Donald Trump. Arizona emergency applications are handled by Kagan, a liberal justice.

Judge Elena Kagan halts Kelli Ward’s Revocation Of Her Call Logs

Kelli Ward, Arizona GOP chair, was serving as the subject of a subpoena from a January 6 committee. Justice Elena Kagan temporarily stopped the subpoena on October 26. Attorneys representing Kelli Ward and her husband Michael Ward on October 26 sent an emergency motion to the Supreme Court asking that the justices reject a request from the House select committee looking into January 6, 2021, for phone and text records.

Due to the fact that it was likely issued as a way to give the justices more time to consider the case, the administrative stay may not accurately reflect the court’s ultimate decision. A deadline of October 28 was also set by Kagan for the House committee to respond.

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The panel ordered T-Mobile USA to turn over Kelli Ward’s call logs on Jan. 6

It is noteworthy that Kagan is a liberal justice who handles emergency applications from Arizona. Furthermore, the Wards served as fictitious electors for ex-US President Donald Trump in Arizona, a state he lost but in which Republican politicians handpicked electors who voted for him.

According to the subpoena, T-Mobile USA, Inc. was ordered to provide Kelli Ward’s call logs for the time period of November 1, 2020, to January 31, 2021, and only requested the times and lengths of calls made while Ward was a Trump elector.

The committee served subpoenas on 14 of the 84 so-called alternate electors this year, alleging Ward and her husband, Michael Ward, were involved in phony documents claiming President Donald Trump won the 2020 election. According to Ward’s justifications for the subpoena, lower courts, including San Francisco’s 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals, rejected them.

In addition to arguing that medical privacy laws would prevent the release of their records, the couple, who are both doctors, have made various arguments as to why their records should not be released. The committee focuses solely on the records of Kelli Ward. It was Ward’s contention before the Supreme Court that the subpoena violated her First Amendment freedom of association rights.

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