Indian cricketer Tanmay Manjunath played a historical inning of 407 runs in ODIs with 24 sixes and 48 fours

Indian cricketer Tanmay Manjunath who is 16 years old, won everyone’s hearts thanks to his historic innings. In the 50-over format match, Tanmay hit 48 fours and 24 sixes in his innings.

It is almost like a religion in India, where there are one-to-one great players in every street. Many players get their destination by being able to make a place in the Indian team, but some players get lost in obscurity.

It is Tanmay Manjunath, a young Indian cricketer from Sagar of Shimoga, who has caught everyone’s attention with his brilliant innings in Under-16 cricket. He belongs to Sagar of Shimoga and has captured everyone’s attention with his bat.

Tanmay Manjunath Inning -: it was Tanmay Manjunath who played the fastest innings of any batsman in history: 407 runs in a match of 50 overs. He played only 165 balls for his innings, and he scored 48 fours in his innings, as well as 24 high-rise sixes. His innings have convinced cricket fans.

Historical inning by Tanmay Manjunath -: In an innings of 407 runs, Tanmay Manjunath created history. Tanmay is a member of the Manjunath Sagar Cricket Club. A 50-50 overs inter-district tournament was held in Shimoga in which Tanmay played a brilliant innings of 407 runs. When Tanmay Manjunath was playing for Sagar Cricket Club, he played this innings against Bhadravati NTCC.

We would like to inform fans that the whole matter originates from Karnataka. The under-16 tournament was organized by the Karnataka State Cricket Association (KSCA).

The team scored 583 runs in 50 overs thanks to Tanmay Manjunath’s historic innings. Nagendra Pandit, the coach of the Nagendra Cricket Academy, informed me that Tanmay attends classes at the Sagar-based academy.

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