How To Make Google Web Stories & How To Get Ranking On Google?

How To Make Google Web Stories: If you are a website holder and want to get more traffic to your website site organic then this article is very important for you. In this blog, we bring the most popular and trending topic “Google Web Stories“. We learn about how to make web stories and how can you get it top rank on google.

What Is Google Web Stories?

Google Web Story is the most trending topic today and there are too many people who want to know about Google Web Stories. Google Web Stories provide organic traffic to your website. Web Stories is the best way to get huger traffic to your site. We can say that google web story is like an Instagram Reel and Youtube Shorts, and more. 

Google Web Stories

How To Make Google Web Stories?

To make google web stories you need a Word Press plugin and also read about google web stories on the official website of Google. 

  • To make top-ranking google web stories you need to install a WordPress plugin.
  • After installing the plugin now you need to find the most trending news or controversy about Bollywood & Hollywood Stars.
  • Now you need to get the best HD images for the web story.
  • After images now you need to add text to your image.
  • And now you can publish your web stories with the use of the WordPress Plugin.

How To Get Top Ranking In Google Web Stories?

To get top ranking in Google Web Stories you need to find the trending topic and also want to get the best HD Images of the content. Publish fast and original content. To get fast views make Bollywood and funny stories. For more details click here.

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