Gama Pehlwan: Google Doodle Celebrates His 144th Birthday

Gama Pehlwan: He was the most popular wrestler in India. He was a wrestling world champion. Today his 144th birthday and it’s celebration and respect is shown by the Google Doodle. Today there are too many users who are interested to know about Gama and are also surprised about Google Doodle today.  

Who Is Gama Pehlwan?

His realname was Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt. But he is best known for his ring name The Great Gama. He was also known by his other name Rustam-e-Hind. He was a pehlwani wrestler in British India and a strongman. He was also a  wrestling world champion. Today his 144th birthday and his birthday celebration is made by Google Doodle. He was born on 22 May 1878 and he died on 23rd May 1960. According to Google, he won a lunge contest in 1888 and became the World Heavyweight Champion by 1910. To get more info click here.

Is Gama Pehlwan Belongs To India?

Yes, He was an Indian wrestler and the strongest person in his time in this world. 
Gama Pehlwan Wiki

What Was The Real Name Of Gama Peglwan? 

His real name was Ghulam Mohammad Baksh Butt.

Who was Gama’s Wife?

His wife’s name was  Wazir Begum.

Gama Pehlwan’s Weight & Height

He was 1.71 meters in height and 113 KG in weight.

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